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Why You Should Bring Your Car to an Oil Change Service Shop

Having a record on when you did your last oil change and keeping track of how long have you been traveling using your car will let you know when you should have your engine’s oil changed. The ideal time to change oil is six months, while you should not exceed 10,000 miles, although it may vary on every car model.

Changing the oil can be something that most car owners know how to do or have done once in their life. You can do so with ease if you have been doing it a lot more. But today, most car owners bring their service vehicles to oil change service shops because of the convenience and many other reasons. Choosing the right shop can be confusing. You can click here and know for yourself how to select one. Here are some reasons you should also bring your car to a reputable shop for a change of oil.

Changing Oil Can Get You Dirty

change oil

Changing oil does not only involve draining the old oil and pouring a new one. You may have to lie on your back and do other tasks to ensure that the process has been done competently. You are dealing with oil that can splatter everywhere, including your body and face, if you are not careful. Indeed, you can create a whole mess of your garage with oil. Oil is not an easy thing to clean, and you surely know that.

It Can Be Time-Consuming

Your skills in changing oil may have dwindled since the last you have done it. In this case, you may be spending more time. A DIY oil change may not be the best solution when you do not have enough time to spare. To save time, bringing your car to an oil change service shop can be a better option.

You have to Invest in Tools

If you have tools already, then you can change your car’s engine oil yourself. It can save you money. But if you have not invested in them yet, you need to buy oil filter, oil removal wrench, oil drainage wrench, funnel, gloves, drain pan, safety stands, and a floor jack. You may also need customized steel ramps. Buying them at once can surely hurt your budget. If you still don’t know, there may be shops that offer oil change competently at an affordable cost.


They Are More Competent

Do you have a license in car maintenance and repair? If not, you can expect a more reliable car service from a reputable oil change service shop near you.…